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Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Distance from Wheatacre Hall Barns - 5 miles

Redwings currently provides permanent specialised sanctuary care to more than 1100 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules that no longer have a working life but retain a quality of life. Many have been through traumatic experiences before they were rescued or have ongoing veterinary needs and we are delighted to be able to offer them a safe and secure home for the rest of their days.

To meet the needs of such a large population of rescued and retired horses and ponies requires a dedicated care team who can meet their needs on a daily basis. The horses live out all year round in natural herds, encouraging them to exhibit their natural behaviour, make friends and hopefully forget about any traumatic past experiences.

It also requires a very high level of veterinary care and our in-house veterinary facility has an x-ray room and operating theatre, intensive care stables and pharmacy. Our veterinary team includes full-time veterinary surgeons and a team of veterinary nurses that together provide round the clock support.

Many of our residents have been rescued from neglect or cruelty and these require very careful handling, patience and understanding if they are to learn to trust humans again. We have a specialist rehabilitation team in place who work with these special equines in a sympathetic way to help them overcome their fears.

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